My Social Feeds PRO

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Welcome to the My Social Feeds PRO demo page !

In this page you will find several demos of  My Social Feeds Pro Plugin’s features And see some admin area Screenshots.


Admin Area ScreenShots

Pro Version Features

Username – Instagram username from where to retrieve the feed

MagnificPopup – Enables displaying the magnificPopup

Owl Slider – Enables displaying the slider

Tag – Instagram tag from where to retrieve the feed

Profile – Enables displaying the profile

Biography – Enables displaying the biography. Only for users

Biography Position – Enables displaying the biography position. Center align, Left align, Right align. Only for users

Gallery – Enables displaying the gallery

IGTV – Enables displaying the IGTV feed if available. Only for users

Styling – Enables default inline css styles

Images Styling – Enables feed styling square or round

Items – Number of items to display. Up to 12 for users, up to 72 for tags

Items Per Row – Number of items that will be displayed for each row

Margin – Margin (percentage) between items in gallery/igtv

Image Size – Scale of items to build gallery. Accepted values [150, 240, 320, 480, 640]. Does not apply to video previews.